Nicole Gomez

Graduate of VCU, Magna Cum Laude, 2004. Trained through The Illustration Academy, Richmond, Virginia, 2004, and Lorenzo de Medici School of the Arts, Florence, Italy. Painter, artist, creator, and collector. Born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. Living and working in Richmond, Virginia. An amateur geologist and fossil hunter, beach lover, frequent visitor of the Southwest, and traveler. I like beauty, intensity, admiring, finding, making, laughing, caffeine, gemstones, and shark teeth. My artwork is: expressive, colorful, playful, prolific, whimsical, dark, detailed, amusing, organic, and luxurious. I draw inspiration from my hometown of San Antonio and the culture and landscape of Texas, the trees of Virginia, things I have lost, things I find, things that scare or intrigue me, nature, experience, and life. Painting is therapeutic, necessary and expressive. I enjoy bold color, texture, contrast, and unexpected details within the piece like teeth, keys, beads and gemstones stuck in the paint. Consume life, drink art.


studio panarama Nicole GomezInquiries encouraged, please contact me with questions, to commission a piece, ask about pricing, or schedule an appointment to stop by my studio in Richmond, Virginia. 715 E 4th Street in the Manchester area, South of the James. (Picture, taken June 2013, studio snapshot).